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What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is a fun, immersive new entertainment concept designed for small groups of people to work together in order to escape from a locked room. Each room has a unique storyline, and teams must find clues and solve puzzles in order to escape within the 60 minute timeframe. Click the BOOK NOW button to see dates, times, and availability for each game!

Who Should Play?


  • Couples
  • friends
  • birthday parties
  • wedding parties
  • businesses
  • groups
  • Teams
  • Families
Tell No One

Tell No One

Anna took a secret with her but tonight it has resurfaced putting you in a direct line of fire. The mob and a crafty private investigator are hot on your trail. Can you do what is necessary to reveal her secret and not get caught? Be careful and TELL NO ONE.

The Outbreak

The Outbreak

A deadly new virus has caused panic in the downtown city streets. People are falling ill while there is no known cure. You and your specialized team have been brought in to stop the spread of the virus, then find the cure. It is time to save the city...and the world, from The Outbreak.



An impending terrorist attack on foreign soil has put the world at the brink of war. Two superpowers are on a collision course unless you and your elite team can infiltrate and find the source of the attack! In this high thrilling covert mission, the countdown starts at 60:00, and all you need is one second left!